Karma formed in 1998 by Akis Zervos(bass) and Anna Manolaraki where through results of their personal experiences and choices they met by the universal law!


They completed the rest line up of their band (Christos D. -vocal, Thodoris A.-drums, Vasilis S.-guitar)Anna was first playing keyboards and the band had many many gigs in clubs, festivals, live venues playing Greek and English rock  covers and some of their first originals songs in Greek. In 2001 she took the place of Christos who left the band. She started vocal lessons with Elisabeth Karatzoli. The same year Bill Dragon (Drakontaidis) will join the band and he will lead it to the publishing of its 1st album with a great collaboration!!!!The best rock singer of Greece, Vasilis Papakonstantinou will participate in Karma's 1st album (Karma) at the song "Enas theos me nevriki anorexia" (music: Bill Dragon, lyrics: Dionisis Kotsakis) published by Groove House Studios in 2009.

The line up was:

Anna Manolaraki: vocal

Akis Zervos: bass

Bill Dragon: keyboards

Nick Tavoularis: guitar

Ilias Kourtis: guitar

Stamatis Mendrinos: drums

The album has hard rock and pop elements with loops and atmospheric moments, with influences from 70s, 80s, 90s, hard rock, metal and progressive music.

The song feat. V. Papakonstantinou was heard all over the Country exclusively by Nova Sport fm!  
Oi nyxtes pou ekdikountai" in which participates Dionysis Kotsakis was the 1st video clip of Karma directed by Alexandros Grammatopoulos with great airplay in Mad tv in Greece and Cyprus. Their ballad “ Poia thalassa se kryvei ” was their 2nd video clip and it hitted top3 in many national radios and top5 in tv channel Musicbox in Cyprus. KARMA have given interviews up to today to radios as Nova Sport fm , ,
Sport fm Cephalonia , radioLefkada, Cosmos Cephalonia, Cosmos 91.5WNYE New York ,etc , newspapers as Athens Voice, record voreini and they have performed live in mad day live The composers of the 1st album of Karma are Billy Dragon (Drakontaidis), Anna Manolaraki and Akis Zervos, while the lyricists are Dionysis Kotsakis, Christos Dimpetros, Dimitris Lappas,  Antonis Toyroyntoys and Vicky Manolaraki.

In 2012 KARMA published their 2nd album titled 'debt ” with extracts of Salvatores Dei written by great Greek author and philosopher Nikos Kazantzakis! KARMA .

They participated:  Giorgos Skordalos (Cretan Lyra)

David Lynch (saxofono) 

Children choir of Spyros Lamproy

Bernie Precious (Uilleann bagpipes)

Dimitris Liolios (singer) 

Elisabeth Karatzoli Nikos Apeiranthitis Thanos Lambrou (recitation) 

Vasilis Axiotis ,Charis Kanellopoylos (backvocals)

KARMA, on the occasion of the 55 years from the death of the great Greek author and philosopher Nikos Kazantzakis ( wanted to add in their music extracts from his book "Salvatores Dei. "Their 2nd album “debt”,is in production : Anna Manolaraki -Bill Dragon (groove house studios) and it contains extracts of Salavtores Dei of Nikos Kazantzakis which advises us explaining for the place of Person and his attitude toward the life , for his Debt. For his real Debt It mainly has social content of verses and of course topical . In the titled song “ the debt” participates known lyraris Giorgos Skordalos while in the “ feast ” the children ' s choir of Spyros Lamproy and is heard for 1 st time in the Greek discography Irish bagpipe recorded in Scotland by Bernie Precious. Their ballad “ water colour” exists in the album and in instrumental version feat. David Lynch. The whole album is in music of Bill Dragon and the lyricists are: Bill Dragon, Dionisis Kotsakis, Dimitris Lappas, Marios Katsonis.


In 2013 Anna and Billy decided to change their sound to symphonic, progressive metal! and write their next album in English! Stathis Lianos(guitar) will join the band and he "ll give the metal "touch" with his awesome riffs to the band, so the three of them will start the pre-production. They will find Leonidas Viglakis (drums) who will help in most of the pre-production but he will unfortuntely will leave the band due to his healthy matters. Tasos Morfopoulos will join the band and he will record the drums and George Boulmanos(bass session musician) will finish the bass tracks.

Today's line up is:
Anna Manolaraki : vocal
Bill Dragon: keyboards, vocal
Stathis Lianos: guitar
Tasos Morfopoulos: drums
Stefanos Koutsouropoulos : bass

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